Tips For Hosting A Great Halloween Party

written by Eugene Mburu 29th October 2015

Don’t be scared. If you do not have an invite to a cool Halloween party or you just feel like staying home and hosting a bunch of goblins and ghouls, then we have compiled a comprehensive list on how to host the perfect Halloween Party do’s and don’ts.


Please Don’t

DON’T: Over do it with punch and other treats. If you must, mix your own drinks and constantly hydrate. Remember this is still a social gathering and not an episode of Jersey Shore.

DON’T: Invite people last minute. Be courteous and make sure to send out funky invites ahead of time and get guys to RSVP. Clearly specify the them of the event and if people MUST dress up then clearly indicate it on the invite. And no, coming from your 9-5 job  dressed up as an ’employed adult’ is not okay.

DON’T: Plan too meticulously. Halloween is still as much about surprise and mystery. We don’t need a minute to minute itinerary of the party. Let us wallow in the fear of the unkown.

DON’T: Be too spooky. This is Africa. We are not THAT keen on fascinating over death and horror. It is a Halloween party, don’t make your neighbors mistake it for a witchcraft recruitment soiree.

Tips For Hosting A Great Halloween Party

Please Do

DO: Make an effort to dress up. If you expect everyone else to dress up then you should be in costume as well. Don’t be a Debbie Downer. And we have the perfect last minute DIY costume ideas for you.

DO: Get a few props to spruce up your party. Carved pumpkins, candles instead of lights, anything really. It doesn’t have to really be morbid. Make it fun. You could pick a fancy theme like ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ or ‘Wild Wild West’ or ‘The Avengers’. Anything really as long is it is fun and involves dressing up.

DO: Serve food. You don’t want to starve your guests. Lay out a table and an assortment of candies and finger dinners. Get help if you must. But do not serve toddler treats especially if your guest list is mostly adults. And remember. Trick or Wine for adults.

DO: Control your CUP. Make sure you watch how much you drink. Mostly because you still have to host a party. People will need directions to your party and an itinerary of what you have in store.

DO: Plan group activities. It could be board games, beer pong, trick or treat, murder mystery solving or even getting a few classic horror films and playing them on a projector screen. The latter is my favorite. Nothing like watching classic horror films with a bunch of adults in costume. People want to interact and meet new friends

Tips For Hosting A Great Halloween Party

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