Hot Shot

written by Michelle Slater 23rd March 2015



At a time where our food and beverage industry is quickly gaining momentum, it’s no surprise to find yet another world renowned liquor work its way into Kenyans’ shot glasses.

Kenya is en route to becoming a top priority for Jägermeister, as the brand plans to expand their presence while in the process of kicking off a new partnership with Viva Global.

Walking into the lobby, the perfectly groomed Marketing Manager for the Middle East and Africa, Thomas Männel, looks every inch the quintessential Jägermeister man. Thomas spends his time jet setting across Africa to provide world-class training for sales teams and bartenders. As he settles into his barstool he enthuses about why East Africa has become such an important and exciting market.

“You’d be surprised how many people know of Jägermeister but don’t really understand what it represents; the brand, the product and how to enjoy its rich flavour,” explains Thomas. “That’s why my main focus in Nairobi is to create knowledge through interactive training.”


Jägermeister has a complex, beautifully blended character with 56 natural ingredients consisting of selected herbs, blossoms, roots and fruits from across the world, among them star anise, cinnamon, ginger, and other top secret herbs.

“The simplest rule for optimal Jägermeister consumption is temperature,” Thomas explains, before requesting that the bar staff taste a warm shot of Jägermeister followed by an ice cold one and compare the experience.

“I met with over 80 bartenders and this was the ultimate ‘aha!’ moment for every one of them,” he confides. “Drank warm, Jägermeister
is quite heavy and fills the mouth. But chilled, especially in our customized Jägermeister taps, the ice cold temperature changes the experience of the shot, transforming it into something smooth, soft and memorable.” The taps dispense the chilled herbal liquor at temperatures of minus eighteen Celsius, and are currently being installed around the city’s hottest bars.

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