How to Eat Crab The Right Way

written by Jeannette Musembi 13th May 2014


Is there a right way to eat crab? There certainly is!

Instead of struggling with forks and knives every time you order crab at these top Seafood restaurants– or not order entirely because you’re afraid your date will disown you on the spot, you should definitely watch this 2 and half minute tutorial on how to eat crab-the right way.

Brian Leitner, co-owner of Netties Crab Shack, shares the right and wrong ways to eat crab.

Leitner has watched customers do many wrong things: leave the best bits behind in the body, avoid the crab butter (a delicacy for some), and crack the shell into the meat.

He wants us to do the right things: use the mallet to gently crack the body, use the tip of the claw as a digging tool, and always get the hidden meat out. Check it out!

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