How To Enjoy World Cup Like A Lady

written by Sylvia Kerubo 13th June 2018

World Cup season has began and we are ecstatic about it! For the longest time, football has been believed to be a game for the men, but we are slowly seeing women enjoying this sport as much as men. Probably more than men. No? We obviously do not have the same aggression, but the passion is the same. There is a way to enjoy football and at the same time maintain your composure…as a lady.

Photo By Capital FM

Presentation during the game

If you are going to put on a Jersey, make sure it is clean and you are smelling nice. Looking good and smelling nice means you will automatically be comfortable throughout the game.

Drink your beer from the glass

Many people say beer is sweeter when drinking from the bottle, but that does not mean that you should do that. As soon as they open your beer, pour it into your glass the correct way. Slightly slant your glass and pour your beer halfway. However, you are not limited to beer. This applies to every other drink you will be having. Always use a glass.

Reactions during the game

Many men run around, chest bump and even hug when their favourite team has scored/worn. There is nothing wrong with doing that as well. Keep the same energy and passion. Chest bumps might be a little painful though, but if you can, go for it!

What to eat during the game

There is no limit! You can eat whatever you want. However way you  want to. Just don’t shout or celebrate with food in your mouth. That would definitely make people uncomfortable.

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