How To Hack NRW 2019

written by EatOut 25th February 2019

Nairobi Restaurant Week 2019 is here and with over 70 participating restaurants it can be overwhelming thinking about how to eat at all of them. We prepared a list on how to make sure you make the most of Nairobi’s annual celebration of food, drink and dining out.

Make reservations ahead of time. Nairobi Restaurant Week is very popular and reservations fill up quickly. Call as far in advance as possible to ensure you get a table at your preferred restaurants.

Create a game plan. This is key especially if you plan on eating at a restaurant that is out of your area. Check traffic to make sure you get to the restaurant in time for your reservation.

Check out the menu. Most, if not all, restaurants list their menus on the EatOut website and on their social media pages. Take a look ahead of time to get an idea of the available meal choices and what you plan on ordering.

Stick to the plan. Remember that since the menus are at a fixed price, substitutions are generally not allowed. You don’t want to get there and realise that the dish you were looking forward to contains something you can’t eat!

Go for lunch. If you go during lunch, you have a better chance of missing the crowds that generally accompany Nairobi Restaurant Week. Plus, the lunch options tend to be cheaper so you can save money and still get the fine dining experience.

Don’t forget the drink. In addition to the base price for your meal, you still need to factor in beverages to determine approximately how much you will spend on your dinner. If you plan on getting wine or beer with dinner, your bill may be significantly larger than expected.

Try something new. Instead of sticking to your “Old Faithful” menu selections, think outside the box and order something you wouldn’t typically try. Even better, if it’s within your price range, try a new restaurant.

Tip Well! While the meals are discounted, your server is still doing just as much work to wait on you as they would with a regular meal. Remember to leave a generous tip to show that you appreciate their hard work!

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