How To Make A Singleton Rob Roy With Ryan Majiwa (VIDEO)

written by Andrew Onyango 8th December 2014


Ryan Majiwa is a well traveled Kenyan with a palate for flavor. In this videos he shows us how to mix a Rob Roy using Singleton Malt Whisky.

A Rob Roy is a favorite drink among whisky drinkers. It is a heavenly mix of Angostura Bitters, Sweet Vermouth, a little orange garnish and Scotch Whisky.

A lot of people know a Rob Roy but very few would think to make a cocktail with a single malt whisky.

Traditionally, single malt whiskies are known, or perceived to be for stuffy old mean who “drink it neat”.

But thanks to the EABL Love Whisky Festival 2014, we are learning a lot of new ideas and tips.

Watch Ryan at work and try this mix at home or order it like a sir next time you have the chance.

But please enjoy responsibly.

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