How To Make Different Coloured Pasta

written by Yummy Team 22nd May 2019

We gave you a blue pasta recipe courtesy of Chef Joseph but we weren’t satisfied with just one colour. We found different ways to add colour to pasta for fans of (almost) every colour of the rainbow without using any food colouring.

source: seriouseats.com

We definitely recommend you try this at your next kid’s party. You’ll watch your children squeal with delight as they try to figure out how you made it.

Green pasta

source: italymagazine.com

If you want a string green colour then it’s best to make this pasta from scratch. Steam and puree your spinach then add the puree to your flour and egg mixture. Don’t forget to use one less egg because spinach will provide additional moisture.




Red pasta

source: foodandstyle.com

You have a little more variety with red pasta. Tomatoes and red chillies can give your pasta the strong red colour it needs and give it a stronger taste.





Orange pasta

source: seriouseats.com

Tomato paste and carrots can be added in different quantities to get your desired colour. Fresh pasta is the only option here otherwise you won’t get a strong orange colour.





Purple pasta

source: seriouseats.com

Beetroot is the simplest thing to use when colouring your pasta plus it tastes great when paired with a fresh salad. You have the option of adding pureed beetroot to fresh pasta dough or dyeing cooked pasta as per Chef Joseph’s instructions.

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