How To Make The Perfect Latte

written by Hinal Shah 13th October 2014

A great latte is a perfect balance of milk & espresso resulting in a warm drink full of flavour, but not quite as strong as a straight shot of espresso. Making a great latte involves several steps, if followed results in a rich, creamy drink.


You will need:

  • Espresso
  • Frothing pitcher
  • Milk
  • Chef’s Knife
  • Latte Cup

 Step One: Pull a shot of espresso

The base for any great latte is a perfect shot of espresso. Pulling a shot involves the entire process of making an espresso drink, from grinding to pouring and everything in between (follow these steps to pull a shot of espresso: grind the espresso beans, dose the espresso grounds, tamp the dose of grounds, extract the espresso).

Step Two: Steam the Milk

Steamed milk adds a creamy texture to the espresso and makes up most of the latte drink since its flavour is so much milder than the espresso (to properly steam milk follow these steps: fill a pitcher with milk, submerge the steam wand, use a steam thermometer).

Step Three: Pour the Drink

This is the part where milk meets espresso to produce a great latte. Although the two ingredients are meant to mix, optimal mixing will be required as there is some art involved in pouring them.


Follow the steps below to finish off the drink:

  • Pour the espresso- if you used a creamer with a spout to hold the shot of espresso, it will be easy to pour the espresso into a latte cup although if you pulled into a glass, make sure to fully tip the glass immediately into the drink to ensure none of the espresso runs down the side of the glass.
  • Pour the steamed milk- dump the milk into the espresso so it mixes well. Foam can be used to top a latte drink, but the milk must be foamed after the steamed milk has been mixed with the espresso. Foamed milk mixed with the espresso will result in an unappealing mixture of milk and espresso. If you accidentally foamed a bit of the steamed milk, prevent it from getting in the drink by placing the dull end of a chef’s knife across the top of the pitcher as you pour to prevent the bubbles from getting into the drink.
  • Serve the drink- traditionally, lattes do not have garnishes and should be served as is, but it is acceptable to add a little whipped cream on top if a customer requests it.


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