Most Interesting Chocolate Dresses

written by Mary Mahinda 5th November 2014

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So we have enjoyed eating chocolate on its own, cooked with it, and even used it to make our skin glow and look healthy. Thanks Cadbury Dairy Milk, we can now even win a trip to Birmingham just by Releasing The Joy.

Why not put on some chocolate attires and go chocolate inside and out, here are some interesting chocolate dresses that we have seen so far although I would not dare put on one for fear of taking a bite or even eating the entire dress when the cravings strike.

Most Interesting Chocolate Dresses


This lady rocking a meshy chocolate dress on the runway with her partner in a chocolate swan blazer.

Most Interesting Chocolate Dresses

©James McCauley

Or maybe walk down the isle in a chocolate wedding gown like this one by Ian Stuart.

Most Interesting Chocolate Dresses


This skater dress decorated by lemons and chillies with beads and a chocolate fascinator pillbox and fan to match, Yumm!

Most Interesting Chocolate Dresses


A lacy chocolate dress with a bubble effect.

Most Interesting Chocolate Dresses


I particularly like this bubble dress complete with a chocolate masquerade mask.

Most Interesting Chocolate Dresses


Maybe pull a Marilyn Monroe with this chocolate outfit with a complete head gear.

Most Interesting Chocolate Dresses


The chocolate empress from a chocolate fashion show in Shanghai. The head gear looks.

Most Interesting Chocolate Dresses


This amazing chocolate dress made from more than 60kg of chocolate, the dress took three months to create and I must say twas worth the time and energy.

How To Win With Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate 

Remember that you can win a trip to Cadbury World in Birmingham with Cadbury. All you have to do is buy an 80G Cadbury Dairy Milk bar, request an entry form from the participating retail outlet which you then fill and drop in the raffle bin. You can also win one of 7 flat screen TV’s, one of 7 surround systems, chocolate hampers or local holidays for two to Naivasha. So get your Dairy Milk today!

Cadbury Release The Joy Competition Kenya

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