Thank God it’s International Beer Day! A Gift Guide for Beer Lovers

written by Yummy Team 2nd August 2019

Could Friday have gotten any better? No wonder it’s referred to as Fri-yay huh! Today is not only the start of the weekend (an awesome one for you we hope) but it’s also International Beer Day. Make this weekend beer-themed and we know exactly how you can start it off. We’re sure you’ve got friends who love this special booze, how about you gift them with something special as well?

Luxury Beer Gift Hamper

What better way to impress your friend or partner than with a gift hamper? Craft beer glasses, craft beer bottles, Cointreau chocolates, gourmet cookies, pringles and more all in one box! A perfect weekend starter.

Get it: Purpink beer gift hamper

Wall-Mounted opener

Struggling to open that bottle of beer? On beer day, all you have to do is buy this wall-mounted opener, place it in the kitchen and you’ll just be effortlessly uncorking your favourite bottles. Do you now understand why your beer-loving friends need one? Vitu Zote is the place to get one.

Get it: wall-mounted opener

Bar Craft beer cooler

You know those nights when you’re hosting the boys for a game or a movie and you’ve got lots of beer that need to be kept in the right condition? This is exactly what you need. This is the gift you know will come back to benefit you as well because guess who will be there cooling the beer!

Get it: bar-craft beer cooler 

Oberglas Beer boot!

Aha! If you had not thought of this, then here is something to think about. This German-made beer boot is perfect for those fun beer games. We know you’re already thinking of a game by now. Make your weekend brilliant.

Get it: beer boot for beer day

Beer mugs

Personalised beer mugs, tankards… these are simple gifts you can get your beer-loving friends, partner or even family members. You can purchase a tankard here and personalized beer mugs here.

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