4 Top International Restaurants In Kilimani and Hurlingham

written by EatOut 19th August 2014

Thinking of going to Kilimani and Hurlingham to experience the fine dinings and exotic restaurants?

Whether it is a restaurant with a swanky indoor and outside sitting, one that offers delicious and the freshest food and bitings to the one with a posh garden and bar. We have you covered.

Check out our 4 top picks for international restaurants in Kilimani and Hurlingham.

Pablos at Best Western

Top Picks For Restaurants in Kilimani and Hurlingham

Pablo’s is the contemporary styled main dining area at Best western, designed with both indoor and outdoor seating. Their menu is designed to cater all types of travellers, and encompasses a wide variety of local and international cuisines


Top Picks For Restaurants in Kilimani and Hurlingham


Whether you are having a fresh pot of coffee in the coffee shop, a cocktail or two or enjoying a three-course meal, O’Sinkirri is the place to be. They offer a variety of the freshest fish, seafood, meat and vegetarian dishes. Their desserts and ice creams are all homemade and gloriously decadent.

Slims Restaurant

Top Picks For Restaurants in Kilimani and Hurlingham

Slims restaurant boasts of a six-foot high French Café window that overlook Ralph Bunche Road, and includes a sunken bar, wooden floor, Hollywood-style banquettes, and floor-to-ceiling mahogany paneling. Slims also features a private dining room accommodating up to 20 people comfortably.

Under The Radar

Under The Radar

A posh garden restaurant and bar, Under The Radar is Inarguably Nairobi’s best kept secret. It has an adventurous new flavor to its palate.

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