Interview With Ciru Muriuki

written by Yummy Editorial 13th December 2017

Ciru Muriuki is a TV and radio presenter, a writer with a taste for adventure and food and a desire to redefine what feminism means in Kenya today. A passionate coffee drinker, she happily shares her thoughts with us on this month’s diary of all things coffee.

Do you feel you’ve accomplished everything you set out to accomplish this year?

It’s definitely been a better year than previous ones but gosh, when in November you look at your vision board from January earlier in the year and it’s always impossible not to feel like you’ve been a total failure! My highlight was hosting a couple of events which saw Millenials debating some of the issues that stemmed from this year’s elections. I feel Millenials don’t get a voice in this country so I was proud to give them a platform be heard.

What was the most delicious thing you ate all year?

That’s so easy. 2017 was the year I fell in love with crab samosas. I was in Kilifi when I tried them, I kid you not I almost told my boyfriend that I would consider leaving him over a plate of crab samosas.

What are your goals for 2018?

I’ve got a new new job on the horizon that I cannot tell you about but it promises to be a bigger role than my current one and I’m really excited.

What importance does coffee have in your life?

I’m not a morning person and sometimes I wonder what I’d do without coffee. I literally tell my significant other he is not allowed to talk to me until I have had my first cup in the morning. I just love how it smells and makes me feel.

When and how did you first discover it?

As kids we were not allowed to have coffee but my dad liked it so there was always some instant coffee hidden to the back of the cupboard. My sister and I once found it but we had not idea what to do with it so we dunked the biggest spoon into water and then knocked it back. We were up all night, I’ll never forget it!

How do you take your coffee?

I love a well done caffe latte or cappuccino and when I’m abroad, I’ll often order a frappuccino but here in Kenya not so much because I feel they overdo it with the sweetener. Oh and I’d love to drink an espresso but it just makes me too wired!

How many coffees a day do you take?

I used to easily drink five cups a day but I’ve recently cut down to three as I felt that five were giving me too many palpitations.

Is there a particular food you take it with?

I used to go to Artcaffe and order the treacle cake but I seem to be losing my taste for sweet things of late and have recently taken to ordering flaky pastries and Danishes instead of cakes.

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