BUD101: An Introduction to Budweiser

written by Fred Mwithiga 15th March 2015

Welcome to BUD101: An Introduction to Budweiser. I will be your lecturer throughout this brief but fascinating course.

Lord knows how I wish all my university lectures would start like that lol!

At some point in life, all beer heads will hear of Budweiser. Few know what it is, and even fewer have tasted it. After all this is Kenya. If you aren’t downing a Tusker, Pilsner or whatever other beer you fancy, its pretty easy to understand why not too many people have paid attention to good old Bud.

BUD101: An Introduction to Budweiser

For starters, Budweiser aka ‘The King of Beers’ came to life in 1876 in St Louis, Missouri in the great big USA. Now although Budweiser is considered an American product, its roots are from Germany. Go ask Adolphus Busch. He created it.

BUD101: An Introduction to Budweiser

Over the years, Budweiser have grown to become one of the highest selling beers in the United States. In fact, Budweiser is so big, Forbes ranked it as the 23rd most valuable company in the world in 2014. Now if you think 23rd is a fair position, it was the most valuable alcoholic brand of 2014. Clearly they are worthy of calling themselves the ‘King of Beers.’

Budweiser claim that that their beer is one of the most expensive to brew. Now I don’t really know how much it costs to brew a beer, but so far their claims have proved to be true. They use the finest hand picked barley, verdant rice, yeast, hops and the purest of water to create the crisp taste of Budweiser.

Budweiser loves animals! Who doesn’t love animals? If you don’t like animals you don’t deserve a Bud. Seriously though, you have to watch one of their Super Bowl ads to see what Im talking about.

Pretty cool huh? Im sure you’ll become best buds when you have your first sip of Budweiser. He’s on his way to town!


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Jame Gumb 16th March 2015 - 2:20 PM

Or as they call it in the motherland pißwasser


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