Israeli Wines Now In Kenya

written by Winnie Wangui 12th January 2017

Did you know that Israel has been a wine making country over the last 3000 years? Or that it is the original ‘old world’ wine region? Wine in Israel has been produced since Biblical times and ancient wine making equipment has been found in archeological digs.

Baraka Israel, an Israeli wine distributor recently entered the Kenyan market. Their wine portfolio features white, red and rosé wines. Seeing the existing demand for quality wine in Kenya, Baraka Israel aims to provide quality wines at affordable prices.

wine pairing dinner from wine shop

The diversity of Israel’s terroir makes it suitable to grow a variety of grapes. Grapes that require the cold weather are grown in the North of Israel and those that need Mediterranean weather are grown in the coastal region. Israeli grape varieties include: Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz just to name a few.

Baraka Israel has been in Kenya for the past year, carrying out market research, wine tastings and Israeli wine education. They recently introduced food and wine pairings with more events planned for 2017. If you would like to experience Israeli wines, visit their shop at Galleria Shopping Mall or Lavington Green Mall or have the wine delivered to you by contacting +254 791 389 771.Their prices range from Ksh. 1,200 – Ksh. 1,750.

Here are two picks that we think you should try this holiday season:

1. The Teperberg Israeli Shiraz

Ksh: 1,500
Nose: Hints of black fruits
Palate: Smooth and medium body wine with a smoky flavour and long finish





2 Gamla Riesling
Ksh: 1,750
Nose: Hints of apple, lemon
Palate: Complex flavour with a combination of attractive floral, lemon and light honey rounded out with a touch of sweetness.

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