Italian Pastries You Should Try!

written by Fred Mwithiga 27th February 2015

You love your breakfast. Yes you do. You probably would like to switch up your morning meal and try something new. I suggest that you listen up. Or read up in this scenario.

Everyone loves a good pastry. Especially if its hot, rich, chocolatey or stuffed with candied fruit. Sounds delicious doesn’t it? Tiramisu would like to present to you three signature donuts and pastries straight from the heart of Italy.

1. The Sfogliatelle

Yes, I know, that name is a bit hard to pronounce but who cares when you have your tummy filled with all its goodness? It traces its history to the 17th century and were first sold in Naples in 1818. They are made with layers of filo like pastry, filled with a sweet ricotta cheese and candied fruit filling. The pastry is difficult to make and as such they are not produced commercially by many bakeries due to the amount of time and precision required in making them. Tiramisu have mastered the art and brought it back home just for you. So if you have been searching for a sfogliatelle, Tiramisu is the go to spot!

Italian Pastries You Should Try


2. The Italian Cornetti

Another of Italy’s greats. Some say the cornetti is a croissant. But it isn’t. Its the croissants Italian cousin! Pardon my Top Gear puns and all. The cornetti is indeed a close relative of the croissant. Only better than it in its own unique ways.Cornettis are made from brioche dough and unlike the croissant, they are made to be sweet and not flakey.

The cornetti can be paired with your favourite coffee or espresso to create a quick Italian breakfast. Tiramisu offer them of course in plain sweet and in chocolate. Who else but them?

Italian Pastries You Should Try

3. The Krapfen

The Krapfen has been made for generations and generations in Italy. They are fried, sweet, yeast dough pastries, covered in confectioner’s sugar and filled with apricot jam in some cases. They are a classic at Tiramisu’s bakery. From what I hear, one is not enough. The more you eat, the more you want!

Italian Pastries That You Should Try!

Want to try any, I mean, all of these? Head down to Tiramisu and get your fix!


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