Jameson Brand Ambassador Holds Whiskey Tasting To Celebrate New Lounge at Galileo

written by Jeannette Musembi 5th June 2014


It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that Jameson Irish Whiskey is the talk of the town. Everywhere i turn, especially in the social media scene, there is a picture of someone with a peace sign holding up a bottle of ‘Jamey’ or probably a twitpic of the same.

It’s cool. It’s Jameson. Get with the program.

Anyhow, apart from the bragging rights, very few people really understand the essence of good or quality whiskey. In fact, Kenyans back then were foreigners to whiskey drinking. Fortunately, the fad has caught on and more people are getting intimate with their speciality drinks.

So, if you think you’re a true whiskey fan, how can you tell you’re drinking quality whiskey from…well..a ‘bad’ one?

The answer is simple. You get a proper walk-through from a whiskey connoisseur, preferably one that comes from the brand you like drinking- Like Jameson.

It’s definitely not a usual occurrence , but i had to try… (hehe).



To celebrate the unveiling of their new space at Galileo Lounge, the Jameson team prepared a great session of whiskey tasting at their swanky new pub. Believe me when i say it’s swanky. If you’ve seen wooden crates customised into tables somewhere in Nairobi let me know.

Also, you need to go there and see the Jameson Lounge area for yourself. Of what fun would it be if i described it all to you?

George Karanu, the Jameson Brand ambassador Kenya, who’s quite the down to earth chap, took us through the history of Jameson and the distillery process.

No, it wasn’t boring, rather i learnt quite a few new things. That for a drink to be called a whiskey it has to be made of cereal grain. And for whiskey to be TRULY called Irish it has to be made of all Irish ingredients. Jameson is made of barley, corn and distillers yeast which are all from Ireland.



And did you also know that angels also partake whiskey? (sneaky b*stards). It’s called ‘angels share’ when about 2% of whiskey is lost through evaporation during the distillation process.

We also did a blind tasting where we tasted two different whiskeys in comparison to Jameson. This was to give unbiased views, and fairly so.

The results? Jameson Irish Whiskey is all that plus a bag of chips. So next time you are in Galileo, pass by their new lounge to experience the true Irish Spirit!

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