Jameson Makers Series

written by Yummy Editorial 6th December 2016

Three exciting new ranges of Jameson are entering the Kenyan market: The Jameson Makers Series. These three whiskies champion the Jameson craft and the craft makers.

Jameson Irish Whiskey is a household name here in Nairobi. Jameson is known for celebrating the craft of making whiskey and the craft makers themselves. In this vein, Jameson has unveiled three additional varietals as part of their Jameson Makers Series: The Distiller’s Safe, The Cooper’s Croze and The Blender’s Dog. Quirky names, sure, but each varietal is derived from three key tools used in the Irish whiskey production process and made by three critical individuals in the distillation, coopering (barrel making) and blending processes.


Brian Nation, Jameson Head Distiller, created The Distiller’s Safe showcasing the original copper pot still distillate. A purist of whiskey making, Brian explores the influence of the copper on the new-make spirit, using a maturation process that skilfully preserves the qualities of the original distillate, allowing the flavours developed in the pot still to take centre stage. Brian’s tool of choice – the spirit safe – allows him to fine tune the whiskey’s style at any point during the distillation process and the resulting blended whiskey carries distinct sweetness from barley sugar and gentle notes of apricot, cinnamon and melon. A smooth, light whiskey with a luminous, zesty finish.


The Cooper’s Croze is a blended whiskey matured in virgin American oak barrels, seasoned bourbon barrels and Iberian sherry casks, a combination that delivers vanilla sweetness, rich fruit flavours and a balance of floral and spice notes. The Cooper’s Croze is made by Jameson’s Head Cooper, Ger Buckley who explores the influence that maturation in casks has on whiskey. A fifth generation cooper, Ger has a deep relationship with wood and is tasked with selecting, repairing and maintaining Midleton’s diverse and treasured barrels. Ger’s prized possession – a croze – passed down through his family, is used to make the groove where the head of the cask is positioned.


The Blender’s Dog celebrates the role of Jameson Head Blender, Billy Leighton; a tribute to the fine art of blending. A master at matching whiskeys across ages and characters, Billy is tasked with uniting the crafts supplied by distiller and cooper to create harmonious, perfectly balanced whiskeys. Billy’s go-to instrument – a ‘dog’ – is used to collect whiskey samples from the casks, allowing Billy to bring together complementary spirits from Midleton’s extensive range of maturing stock. The Blender’s Dog is a perfect balance of spirit, wood and time; a rich, rounded whiskey with butterscotch sweetness, spices, tannins and an exceptionally long finish.


Renee Kamau, Jameson Brand Manager comments, “The launch of the Whiskey Makers series – three totally new expressions within the Jameson family – is an exceptionally exciting move, allowing us to celebrate those that craft and hone the beautiful Jameson spirit each and every day. We hope that the three expressions will interest and inspire whiskey lovers to explore the hand crafted productions processes that remain at the heart of Jameson today”.

The Distiller’s Safe, The Cooper’s Croze and The Blender’s Dog will be available in Nairobi soon at select outlets, keep an eye on the Jameson Irish Whiskey website for updates.

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