A Japanese ‘Wine’ For Cats

written by Yoga David 29th October 2013



Bottled wine created especially for cats has gone on sale in Japan. It may sound as a joke but it is true.

A pet supplement company B&H Lifes  came up with “wine exclusively for cats” that is called “Nyan Nyan Nouveau.” In Japanese, “nyan nyan” (ニャンニャン) refers to a cat’s meow. Here, it refers to cats.

Apparently Nyan Nyan Nouveau doesn’t have any alcohol in it. It is much like Japanese “kid’s beer” and it doesn’t contain any booze.  The drink contains juice made from Cabernet grapes, Vitamin C as well as catnip for a beverage that supposedly tastes like red wine.

B&H Lifes decided to develop the drink for those who wanted to celebrate birthdays/Christmas with their cats.

Nyan Nyan Nouveau is priced at 399 yen (US$4) a bottle,limited to one thousand bottles. Unlike real wine, it  doesn’t get better with age. B&H Lifes also recommends drinking the beverage within a year.

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