John Carter Review

written by Tahir 29th March 2012

When you have the chance to watch “John Carter” – the key to enjoying the film is to let go of any knowledge of physics, remember it is a children’s film and go with the flow. It is an adaptation of  “A Princess of Mars” a novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs. The story follows a war veteran during the American Civil War, John Carter, harboring a dark past that fuels his anti-patriotic views. During an expedition for a golden cave, John encounters a foreign being that eventually transports him to Mars. However, not the Mars that we know from NASA but an unfortunate dying planet that is undergoing a civil war. John Carter is then whisked into becoming a pivotal role in the planet’s politics, while also fending off personal demons and struggling to defend his anti-patriotic beliefs.

John Carter is Taylor Kitsch’s first lead role in a feature film and manages to execute the role without giving his character a discernable personality. Taylor’s performance is ambiguous and vaguely portrays the character’s inner strife. His love interest is the Princess of Mars herself, Lynn Collins, who represents everything John Carter is against. Their clashing personalities build the moral arch of the story, to later motivate John Carter in helping solve the planet’s political unrest.

From the director Andrew Stanton, known for directing hit films like “WALL-E” and “Finding Nemo,” has managed to give a certain feeling wonderment and a brilliant level of cinematography. The CGI and 3D integration has been executed well, making it a sort of child friendly version of “Avatar.” Unfortunately the plot and storyline is very shaky from the beginning.

This film is an action adventure film designed for children. If you are taking the kids, guaranteed they will not be disappointed with the level of fantasy, interesting creatures and unique vistas that populates the film.

3 out of 5 Popcorns

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