Johnnie Walker Black Label On The Rocks

written by Andrew Onyango 14th November 2014


Some whiskies are so good that mixing them with anything else would be a travesty. Johnnie Walker Black Label is all of those whiskies combined.

Some would argue that 12 years is a perfect place to stop ageing whisky because it gains great flavour but maintains a youthful kick. However, others like older brands like Johnnie Walker Gold Label. Whichever your preference, be sure to try some Johnnie Walker Black on the rocks during the EABL2014 Love Whisky Festival.


  • Glassware : Rocks
  • Method : Build
  • 60ml Johnnie Walker Black Label
  • Round Ice Cubes

How To Make 

  • As always, we begin with our ice cubes in the glass.
  • Next we add our 60ml of Johnnie Walker Black Label
  • Finally swirl the drink around the ice for a bit before you drink it just to help it chill and dilute a little
  • Enjoy in sips.

You can buy your bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label and many other rare EABL Love Whisky goods from the Love Whisky Shop on Facebook.

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