Johnnie Walker Red Ginger Recipe

written by Andrew Onyango 13th November 2014

Johnnie Walker Ginger Recipe

Johnnie Walker Red Label is the best selling whisky internationally. And with good reason. It has a smooth flavor synonymous with Johnnie brands but a playful youthfulness about it as you enjoy it. But prepare to have your mind blown by a cocktail recipe you probably never thought to try.


  • Glassware – High Ball
  • Method – Build
  • Chaser – Tangawizi (ginger) flavored soft drink
  • Ice Cubes


Put some ice cubes into the glass to chill for about 10 seconds. Then pour a double of Johnnie Walker Red in there generously over the ice. Next, add some Tangawizi flavored soft drink to your taste and stir slightly.

Look at your creation for a moment. Then have a sip. But don’t swallow too quickly. Bite! That’s right! With the sip in your mouth just bite a few times and let it distribute in your mouth. Enjoy the flavor.

How was that?


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