Will You Be At The Next Juniper Kitchen?

written by Liz Maelane 20th November 2014

Juniper Kitchen

The Juniper Kitchen is back and serving spicy breakfast burrito’s this Saturday, November 22 at 12pm and 2pm!

Tucked away in a leafy green garden somewhere in the suburbs of Nairobi is the dining oasis of your dreams. If you haven’t heard about the now popular Backyard Brunch-either through the New York Times article or hundreds of satisfied customers-then we’re here to tell you more.

Juniper Kitchen started out small but has now grown to become a popular monthly event that sells out every time.

We spoke to the brains behind the Kitchen, Rhi Pulford…

Why the name Juniper?

Juniper is what makes gin, gin. And i love gin.

How did it start?

It started with my housemates (5 boys) telling me I should run a little cafe in the backyard. So I invited 30 friends around for brunch to test the idea. I then trialled different formats (i.e. more typical cafe style) for a month or so, before settling on the backyard brunch, because it was a lot more fun!

Who helps you prep and serve on the day? 

I now have a team of about 10 amazing staff. They are an eclectic bunch with fairly limited experience, but they get the job done and are always smiling and having a laugh. 

Why do you think events like Juniper Kitchen are a necessary addition to Nairobi’s foodie scene?

I think Nairobi’s food scene is on the cusp of really changing and taking off, and events like this help to build the momentum. A lot of restaurants here serve good food. Many have a nice ambiance. Both of these elements are crucial to a good dining experience, and at the moment finding a venue which really nails both can prove a little difficult. People in Nairobi are crying out for more exciting and innovative food events! Let’s give it to them!

What are your dreams for the brunch? 

My dream is to get the brunch operating like a well-oiled machine. We are improving each time we run it, but there’s still a long way to go. I don’t want to make it any bigger than it is, I think if I were to expand it beyond the current 150 it would change the atmosphere. Instead I want to focus on getting it running smoothly so that one day I can attend one of my brunches as a guest – that’s my dream! 

You heard it. Make sure you reserve a seat for Saturday’s brunch, at either the 12pm or 2pm sitting. Emailthejuniperkitchen@gmail.com and send Kshs. 1500 (only once you’ve received confirmation) to 0724 261 953.

Check out the pictures below to get an idea of what to expect…

Juniper Kitchen Nairobi, Kenya




Juniper Kitchen Nairobi, Kenya


Juniper Kitchen Nairobi, Kenya


Juniper Kitchen Nairobi, Kenya






Juniper Kitchen Nairobi, Kenya


Juniper Kitchen Nairobi, Kenya



Juniper Kitchen Nairobi, Kenya


Juniper Kitchen Nairobi, Kenya






JK-4-2 JK-5-2


Juniper Kitchen Nairobi, Kenya


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