K1 Kocktails Masterclass

written by Lucy Munene 11th July 2019

K1 has managed to stay relevant throughout the years and they are looking to join the craft cocktail scene that is growing in Nairobi. I had the pleasure of attending the first K1 Kocktails masterclass that was tropical themed. I was a bit apprehensive about it because the last thing you want to do is attend a masterclass that ends up being more talking than drinking. The minute I walked in, I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about such things.

With a complimentary madafu in hand, I stepped into the space and was instantly transported into a tropical paradise. If there is one thing K1 does right it is their deco. Their attention to detail meant that we all spent most of the night enjoying cocktails that you would order at a pool bar at the Coast.

Our tools for the night

After receiving a delicious pineapple vodka shot for being early (the rest of the guests trickled in later according to African timing), our master mixologists for the night, Kevin and Malesi (also known as The Bar Sage) got the night started. Each cocktail was introduced with a little anecdote that was presented on a screen right in front of us. Once one cocktail was prepared and sipped, it was on to the next one!

Kevin Dunlop of The Bar Sage

There were no slow moments as the two talented mixologists took us through 3 different cocktails which taught us skills such as muddling, shaking, mixing and measuring. We learned how to balance cocktails that turned out a little bit too bitter or sweet and got to enjoy the fruits of our labour.

The bitings of the night

Thankfully, there were delicious bitings on board to soak up all the alcohol we drank that did not stop coming until we were stuffed. It was definitely an experience worth every liquor-soaked moment.

If you want to give it a try then sign up for their next masterclass on 27th July 2019 which will be chocolate and coffee themed.

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