Kahawa Allstars: EA Wave

written by Leroy Buliro 1st June 2018

EA Wave is a collective of 6 multi talented DJ producers who’s creative collaborative force helped give birth and propel to fame, the influential underground music movement popularly known as Nu Nairobi. The collective have performed at a number of festivals around the globe from Uganda all the way to Sweden and recently represented Kenya at the very first Boiler Room event which was streamed live across the world. Leroy Buliro caught up with three members of the team, to discover what fuels their creativity and passion for music.

To what extent does coffee fuel your late night practice sessions?

Ukweli: I prefer having coffee at night when I’m making music, not necessarily to keep awake, I just like the taste of coffee
Jinku: I only drink coffee in the morning
Nu Fvnk: I drink coffee at random times so with or without it I’m good.
Hiribae: I prefer it in the morning.

Sweet and Milky or Black and Bitter?

Ukweli: Milky with sugar
Jinku: Black Coffee, bitter and no sugar
Nu Fvnk: Milky
Hiribae: Black coffee, 2 sugars

Are you morning people? What does a band breakfast look like?

Jinku: Oats, fruit smoothie, cereal and toast
Ukweli: Fruit salad or toast and coffee
Nu Fvnk: Anything next to me that I like, I’m not picky.
Hiribae: I prefer heavy meals in the morning. Most likely dinner leftovers.

What has been the greatest challenge you’ve faced as a band since becoming recognisable faces?

Jinku: I feel it’s expectation now, having to be ‘ON’ all the time. As a musician and a performer having a bad day and a low point is not necessarily acknowledged. We have to perform and always deliver a good show despite personal hardships.
Nu Fvnk: I don’t feel any serious challenges yet, maybe later on it feels good to be recognised.
Hiribae: Consistency.
Ukweli: I would agree that consistency is a daily struggle

Any advice for readers who want to follow in your footpath?

Ukweli: Just keep working and making your art, the opportunities will always follow.
Jinku: Be unique and be patient, it takes a lot of work and effort
Nu Fvnk: Just starting is the most important, don’t talk about it.
Hiribae: Put 100% effort and focus in whatever you want to pursue or forget about it.

What is the most outrageous thing a fan has ever done during one of your performances?

Ukweli: Our fans are amazing, I have not had any crazy experiences yet.
Jinku: We have had some really good fans so far
Nu Fvnk: Our fans are pretty chill.
Hiribae: Nothing out of the ordinary but inappropriate requests make me cringe.

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