Kahawa Diaries With DJ & Radio Presenter G Money

written by Yummy Editorial 4th August 2017

We catch up with renowned DJ and radio presenter, G Money. When he’s not getting pumped up on HBR radio, he is moving the crowds in clubs. He tells us how he likes his cuppa and more

How do you like your coffee?

Coffee for me is divided into two categories. There’s the “I need a caffeine fix now!” – when I wake up in the morning and get ready for work. In this instant, it’s just a strong black coffee. No milk, no sugar, just the Gold Blend instant coffee. When I’m out for coffee then I like a strong brewed coffee. I prefer cream to milk, in fact, at home if I’m brewing I use evaporated milk rather than regular cow’s milk because it’s creamier.

 Coffee flavoured ice cream with chocolate sponge cake or iced coffee with a chocolate croissant….choose one.

This is a tough one. Until recently, I wasn’t really a fan of iced coffee, but on a recent trip to Memphis we stopped in a coffee house and I had an iced caramel macchiato! It was out of this universe! Since then I have really been experimenting with iced coffee. The problem here though is that I don’t like chocolate croissants! So could I have iced coffee with chocolate cake? If not, reluctantly coffee ice cream and chocolate cake. I’m sure you can make a special dispensation for me though right?


What’s the absolute maximum cups of coffee you can have in a day?

I try to have no more than 3 cups a day, that roughly translates to maybe two in the morning and one when I get home in the evening.

Apart from radio, what else do you do?

Hmmm, I’ve recently become a fitness freak spending 4 or 5 afternoons a week training. I DJ extensively on the club circuit here in Nairobi and I have a talent management company with a long time friend here, something that I really enjoy doing and I am about venture into a new business. I also cook and sleep a lot, I love traveling so every so often, I disappear for a while.

Have you ever experimented cooking with coffee?

I can’t say that I have, but have I drank coffee while cooking, Does that count?

Have your Caribbean roots influenced your love for coffee?

Most definitely. Jamaica is famous for Blue Mountain coffee. Because of the altitude, the berry flavour is very distinctive. It has won numerous awards globally and is an amazing cup of coffee. I also recently discovered Ethiopian Coffee which I must say is very good, but nothing compares to Kenyan coffee.


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