Kahawa Diaries: Jason Dunford

written by Yummy Editorial 4th October 2017

Jason Dunford is a retired Kenyan Olympic Swimmer and host of online talk show, J-Talk. Jason, who is also studying for his MBA at Stanford Business School, took a moment to share how he likes his favourite beverage while at home or on the road.

Do you buy beans or ground coffee?

I would say I’m a 70-30 kind of person. 70% of the time, I will buy ground coffee while 30% will see me grab a pack of coffee beans.

How do you store your coffee?

I use a vacuum mason jar at home to keep it fresh.

Do you roast your own beans?

Unfortunately, I don’t. I haven’t mastered the art just yet. Is it a bad thing for a Kenyan to say that?

What’s the perfect roast?

I tend to lean more towards medium roast coffee. The flavours and aromas are perfectly balanced. I get to enjoy the benefits of a dark roast and a light roast.

Jason Dunford

Do you add anything to your coffee? Like cream or sugar? What else do you add?

Normally, I’d prefer my coffee black. Sometimes I will add cream and honey, no sugar. And not forgetting some cocoa powder to make some mocha.

How do you make the perfect cup of coffee?

I like making espresso for myself using a Keurig single serve machine. The result? Perfection in a cup.

What are your thoughts on decaf?

I like the caffeine in my coffee because it makes all the difference for me. However, I don’t judge those who take decaf coffee.

Jason Dunford

What’s the best brew when you’re on the road while in the US? Or do you carry around your own pack?

I like to pop into Peet’s coffee & tea in San Francisco where I live. At the same time, I’m not too fussy when visiting friends so I won’t insist on carrying my own pack of coffee. I’m a well mannered guest.

How do you convince a non-coffee drinker that coffee is the best?

Coffee helps me stay awake. I have a hectic schedule so it works for me. I won’t be quick to judge those who aren’t too keen on drinking coffee. As long as the conversations flow, we are good.

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