Kaluhi’s Kitchen

written by Yummy Editorial 22nd August 2017

Kaluhi Adagala was the overall winner of last year’s Kenyan Blog Awards and if her blog Kaluhi’s Kitchen is anything to go by, she isn’t keen on giving up that title soon. Read on to find out more about how she got to where she is today and where it is she intends to go.

If I were a meal, I would be coconut crepes served with a chili-honey macerated loquat. A bit of sweet, a bit of spicy; just like me!

Growing up in Kenya, I enjoyed everything that was put in front of me. I have never been a picky eater and for me everything has always been delicious. As I child I really always loved my mom’s pilau. The dish itself though did not inspire me to start my blog: in fact, it’s the nostalgic memories of the great mealtime conversations with family which geared me up to write about it all.

Over the years, I’ve come to realise the importance of social media especially as a food blogger. It has made the sharing of recipes, finding of ingredients and opinions of restaurants much simpler which in turn has helped grow the Nairobi Food Culture.

Many people complain that our food (Kenyan food) is bland and lacks visual PR. Quite frankly, if someone does not like a particular aspect about Kenyan food, they should contribute to changing that. In my humble opinion, complaining without making a positive contribution solves nothing. Also, it depends on who is being asked because most people I know make really nice, visually appealing dishes and have plenty of nice things to say about Kenyan food. With that in mind, a new generation of foodies is on the rise who have been exposed to the wonders of the world and are infinitely well traveled. One can very easily and effortlessly learn about other cultures, new methods of cooking and exotic ingredients and at the same time still celebrate one’s own. As Kenyans, we can experience new cultures and be well travelled without necessarily losing our very essence and our sense of identity. With the new generation of foodies, the new knowledge of new cultures we acquire is viewed as an addition to what we know and opposed to cancellation of who we are.

Having bagged two awards within the blogosphere is humbling. What does this mean for me as a blogger? It simply further solidifies the fact that hard work does pay off. For the industry, I believe my wins have paved the way for many more upcoming bloggers who to continually push boundaries, put out quality content and show off our country in the best light possible.

As a proud Kenyan, I am blown away by our beautiful country. Our delicious food is amazing and easy to play around with creatively. Our tenacity and resilience, our warmth and hospitality. Our diversity as Kenyans is our strength.

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