Enjoy Your WhiteCap Crisp in a New 330ml Sleek Can

by Kevin Wandu

Alcoholic beverages firm Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL) has reinforced the growth of its WhiteCap Trademark with the introduction of a sleek canned beer of 330ml format in the market.

Boniface Nzomo & Chelsea Kariuki

The can pack aims to give consumers more value and convenience whilst also aligning with the brand’s eco-friendly credentials.

Building on WhiteCap Lager, White Cap crisp beer was introduced in the market earlier in March with a revamped liquid taste, new labels (front, back, and neck), and a refreshed look.

Consumer demands and preferences have changed such that consumers are continually on the lookout for products that fit in with their lifestyle, have great taste, simplify their lives, catch their eye, and have a positive impact on the environment,” explains Ngugi Kerago Head of Emerging Channels,


“We aim to balance the premium nature of our beers with substantial value. The can is an ideal choice because it is lightweight, convenient, and chills quickly, and is easy to carry. Plus, from an environmental point of view, it is more eco- friendly.’ He added.

Sarah Kiritu, Catherine Ndungu, Kiragu Ngugi & Alice Owambo

White Cap crisp is blended with fine Kenyan ingredients to make a clean, lighter taste, sugar-free, and quality crisp beer to appeal to those aspirational drinkers that want a modern but accessible beer with premium flavor, enjoyed every day on light drinking occasions such as during a meal with friends, lunch or afternoon de-briefings.

The new White Cap Crisp 330ml sleek can format will be available at a recommended retail price (RRP) of Ksh230 per can.

In comments, during the immersion session, KBL’s Marketing Manager, Beer Category Catherine Ndungu said:

We are confident that the innovation will be equally successful with our consumers and will help grow the category. We want to become an essential beer brand for the region and beyond and be known for creating aspirational beers that are consistently delicious and offer convenience. We are also offering a solution to the moderators who are constantly looking for drinks that are of Low Alc, no added sugar and availed in a small format which appeals best to them.”

Catherine Ndung’u, Sarah Kiritu, Alice Owambo & Kiragu Ngugi

Canned craft beer is becoming an increasingly popular choice across the world. Research demonstrates the booming growth for this format is driven by consumer trends and attitudes toward packaging. Consumers love cans because they are lightweight, portable, and environmentally sustainable.

WhiteCap is the leading local mass premium brand that holds world-class premium attributes whilst still rooted in local values. With a heritage of quality, its appreciation dates back to the pre- and post-colonial era. Initially, it was predominantly consumed by white settlers and was later adopted by Kenyan elites.

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