Kenya To Participate In The World Aeropress Championship

written by Winnie Wangui 14th September 2017

The World Aeropress Championship have been happening for the last ten years and for the first time, Kenya will be among the over 60 participating countries. This makes it the first ever AeroPress competition in East Africa.

Kenya is also one of the first coffee producing countries to become a part of the World competition which will see 27 competitors. The competition is open to any barista in East Africa and the winner gets a chance to go to Seoul, Korea, for the World AeroPress Championship in November.

During the competition, three competitors will compete at the same time, where each station is provided with an AeroPress coffee, a temperature variable BonaVita Kettle, a digital gram scale, water, cups, and a tasting spoon. The competitors have eight minutes to brew and present their best cup to a panel of three judges. 

Catch the competition this Sunday 17th September at The Alchemist and watch local baristas battle it out.

Here is a video from last year’s World AeroPress Championship in Dublin


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