Kenya Tourism Board Expresses Support For #PizzaFest

written by Winnie Wangui 27th September 2017

Its been three years since the premier of the Nairobi Pizza Festival. The event is gradually becoming synonymous with the celebration of one of the world’s greatest dishes and slowly getting acclaim of domestic and international travelers.

In recent years, food tourism has grown considerable and has evolved into one of the most dynamic segments of global tourism. Today, destinations the world over are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of culinary tourism as the key to stimulating local, regional and national economic development. Much like culture, cuisine has the potential t create organic connections between us and the rest of the world.  It possess the innate power to cross borders, as people from varied parts of the world can savour the selection of many dining option at our behest-while taking in our vibrant social scene.

KTB CEO Dr. Betty Radier

KTB CEO Dr. Betty Radier

For many of the world’s tourists, especially those seeking new and special culinary experiences, gastronomy is a central part of the tourism experience. We must-however remain cognizant of the fact that tourists are attracted to local produce and we therefor ought to center out products and align our marketing endeavors to fit what is Kenyan. For the tourist seeking¬† new or alternative experiences, food is inextricably linked to its origin, It tells a story- and this presents an opportunity for Kenya to differentiate herself as a truly unique, appealing and creative culinary destination to those that seek to experience our country’s rare flavours.

KTB Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Betty Radier

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