Kenya Tourism Board Expresses Support For #NRW2017

written by Yummy Editorial 27th January 2017

Kenya is a destination on many people’s bucket list. It is the original safari country with an assortment of award-winning adventure, business and leisure options. Over the years, food lovers have come to enjoy a burgeoning culinary industry that continues to form an integral part for  any visitors to the country.

Nowhere else are culinary skills best showcased than during the annual Nairobi Restaurant Week (NRW), running January 26th 2017 – February 5th 2017.  This fourth edition promises to be an exciting week of gastronomic prowess and discovery.

KTB CEO, Dr. Betty Radier

The Kenya Tourism Board is proud to have endorsed the past three editions, alongside the Burger Fest 2016 and Pizza Festival 2016. We look forward to a week of fine dining and invite you to this exciting week that extends a taste of Kenya’s best.

Another experience from Magical Kenya!


KTB Chief Executive Officer,

Dr. Betty Radier

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