Have a Trouble-free Halloween in Nairobi

written by Andrew Onyango 29th October 2014


Very many Kenyans in urban areas know what Halloween is, and partake of the festivities. But a large chunk of the population in the same urban areas may not know of or understand the holiday. For this reason, we’ve decided to build off our Do’s and Don’t list and offer you a few more tips on good Halloween conduct in Nairobi.

1. Don’t Freak Out The Neighbors

Kenya is a deeply religious nation, especially when it comes to unified condemnation of “unacceptable behavior”. For Halloween, a lot of you will be wearing your awesome Walking Dead zombie costumes. The trouble with this is that, if the neighbors don’t know too much about Halloween, they may confuse your party for a “gathering of evil spirits”. So before police and the media storm your home, send a note to your neighbors indicating you’re hosting a Halloween party. Also indicate that people will be in costume and for that one night, it is normal.

2. Be Tasteful With Decorations and Keep The Extreme Stuff In The Home

As earlier stated, if you do not live in a progressive neighborhood, the neighbors may not understand what you are doing with all those plastic skull decorations. Having some blood effects for decorations is epic, but it can also be easily misconstrued by an audience that does not get it. A few years ago, a night club owner was nearly arrested for “importing paraphernalia”, which was later discovered to be harmless Halloween decorations. If neighborhood is not as welcoming of the idea of Halloween and creepy decorations then maybe keep the party in your home area.

3. NEMA Does Not Give Free Passes On Halloween 

Halloween parties tend to be wild because it is, somewhat, a ‘one night pass’ type of event. You are allowed to be someone else, literally, for one night. As such, a few people might over indulge with the drinks. Trust me, the last thing you need when an irate neighbor calls NEMA over noise complaints is an even more irate “Zombie” or “Vampire” ranting to them about how much legal knowledge they have. Keep “the sauce” under control.

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