Kenya’s Procera Gin Wins Award in Cape Town

written by Yummy Team 7th October 2019

Kenyan craft gin, Procera Juniper Gin, early this October won the Michelangelo Award. This award was granted during a blind-tasting event. Procera Gin came out on top beating 122 other entries.

The Michelangelo International Wines and Spirits Awards was started in 1997 and has grown to provide producers of wine and spirits globally a chance to have their products adjudicated over by international judges in order to offer the best to customers.

The competition is now in its 24th year with over 170 countries participating and with 46 judges so far which means the win by Procera was a huge one. Procera¬† Gin were excited about the win and posted the news on their social media pages saying, “Procera won the best gin in the show out of 122 entries proving Kenyan Cedar Juniper Procera Berries have something special.

Gin is becoming a popular drink in Kenya with many people now appreciating the drink. The Pink Beefeater Gin was also launched this year to cater to the growing gin market.




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