Would You Try A Pink Chicken Burger?

written by Fred Mwithiga 13th August 2015

KFC China's New Rose Flavoured Burgers In Pink Buns

When it comes to food, I don’t think there’s any other country in the world that gets more adventurous with their meals like China. Sure they eat some pretty weird stuff, but their fast food game is out of this world. They find the most unique ways to attract clients. Take KFC China for example, they recently just introduced new burgers to their menu as a way to improve their sales in the region. One of their new burgers is the Rose Cheese Roasted Chicken Burger which has bright pink buns and a rose flavoured chicken patty.

I dont like roses very much. I don’t like how they smell. Since I’ve never eaten a rose, I wonder how their new burger tastes. Does it make your breath smell rosy? Then there’s the bright pink burger bun. I think thats pretty cool! I would eat that in a heart beat but only without the rose flavoured burger.

KFC China Unveil New Rose Flavoured Chicken On Pink Buns

Their other new menu addition is the Black Diamond Spicy Chicken burger, which comes in a black bun. I don’t know about you, but I like a nice juicy burger in a regular coloured bun. However, I cant help but wonder how what black burger tastes like. Does it make your tongue black when you chew? I guess I’ll have to find out when I go to China. Then again, when will I go to China? If you do end up there, do let us know how rosy the rose burger is.

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