The KSh.800,000 Nandos Meal

written by Andrew Onyango 5th January 2015


A Nandos outlet in London’s Brent Cross Shopping Center is currently getting media buzz after accidentally charging a man KSh.866,915.92 for peri-peri chicken.

Mr Aurel Lupsa, while paying his family’s Nandos food bill of 62.35 pounds via credit card, failed to notice that the waitress had in fact accidentally keyed in 6,235 pounds. The transaction actually went through.

Mr. Lupsa didn’t even notice he was being overcharged. If anything, he was rather satisfied by the great meal him and his family had just had. Luckily, one of the servers brought the issue to his attention as him and his family were leaving the restaurant.

This type of accident happens a lot more frequently than you may think. But not necessarily because of dubious motives on the part of the restaurant but a combination of tired or lazy employees and even lazier passive clients who do not confirm the cost before punching in their credit card pin.

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