Sensational 15 Course Menu Marks 15 years Anniversary At La Dolce Vita

written by Winnie Wangui 6th January 2017

Imagine having the opportunity to visit an acclaimed Italian restaurant to experience a gastronomical 15 course dinner menu prepared by a chef with unmatched talent. The mere thought is nothing compared to the mind-blowing experience I had when I was among the lucky people who secured a table at La Dolce Vita Restaurant.

The Italian restaurant recently turned 15 and treated Italian cuisine lovers to a culinary journey to mark their anniversary. The dinner was held in memory of La Dolce Vita’s late founder Riccardo Fiora, whose passion played a major role in getting the restaurant to where it is today.

Being an auspicious occasion, the restaurant was fully booked with people celebrating birthdays, couples having a romantic evening and families enjoying dinner filling the dining room abuzz with laughter and celebration.

Guests at the celebration

A glance at the menu revealed appetizing Italian dishes and I could not wait to get started.  We had a selection of cold starters; homemade phyllo with cooked ham, green and black olives, bread with chicken liver sauce, veal with a tuna and mayonnaise sauce, among five others. The vegetarian option included  grilled courgettes and sweet pepper and onions marinated in a special sauce of aromatic herbs. The appetizers were creamy and flavourful and a delightful introduction to the dinner. It was at this point, after having six varieties of starters, that I wondered whether I would make it to the end of the fifteen courses.

Peas, potatoes and carrots dressed in vegetable oil and mayonnaise

I braced (and paced) myself because a 15 course dinner doesn’t come by everyday. The main course options highlighted the chef’s passion in every dish. From risotto to prawns, calamari, octopus, beef and pork, we were spoilt for choice with sumptuous courses.

Cannoli della mamma-Homemade pasta stuffed with beef, pork, parmesan cheese and eggs in white sauce

A few favourites of the evening were; cannoli della mamma (homemade pasta stuffed with pork, beef, parmesan cheese and eggs), arrosto della mamma (oven-cooked beef with a special sauce) and trofie al pestoso (pasta with garlic and basil pesto sauce).

Grilled corgets, sweet pepper, onions marinated in a special sauce of aromatic herbs

Rice with prawns, calamari, octopus and mushrooms

Rice with prawns, calamari, octopus and mushrooms

By the time we were on the 14th course, I was proud of making it to the end. Although I was too full and could only have a bite-size piece of the birthday cake dessert.  The cake was brought out with bells and whistles, all the chefs who worked tirelessly in the kitchen carried out the cake and the crowd went into a frenzy applauding and cheering; an emotional moment for the owners of the restaurant. The entire experience was beautifully executed and came to a vibrant end.

Whether you are looking for a place to go for a date night or a laid-back space for casual dinners, La Dolce Vita should be your go-to. Be prepared to take a trip to a rustic market in Italy courtesy of their sensational menu and extensive wine list.

Congratulations to La Dolce Vita, we wish them many more years of prosperity! Felice Anniversario!

Lemon sorbets

Special Italian Pasta with pesto sauce and tomato

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