lafidi guinéen

written by serebites 12th March 2013

I am not sure if i got the name right but we pronounce it as La-fi-di in maninka which is a dialect in Guinea. This is one of my fave dishes and very easy to make. Its a rice mixed with okra flower and mince meat/fried fish/smoked fish/meat balls.

Today will be on Mince meat.

 Ingredients(serves 8) 

1kg Beef mince meat, Unfrozen.. go to the butcher and tell him/her that you want special mince meat. Special mince meat is meat mince that has been ground twice.

2 medium sized onions

Onion leaves

2 large tomatoes

1 large egg plant

Onion leaves

2 Chillie Beef cubes

Cuury powder

Black pepper



Vegetable Cooking Oil


Fresh Green or Red Pepper

Tomato paste

Lets Cook 

In a hot pan, add the vegetable oil and the sliced onions.

sliced onions.



While the onions are cooking, cut the tomatoes and egg plants into cubes. When the onions are browning, add the tomatoes and egg plants into the pan.




egg plants




onions, egg plants and tomatoes.


Add one chillie beef cube, a tea spoon of curry powder, salt, black pepper and stir. add some water.

When the water has reduced add the meat, if its not frozen, place the meat in a bowl and add a small amount of water for the meat to mix well and add into the pan. This helps in making the meat not form into balls.


Mince meat added into the mixture

Stir the mixture and add a table spoon of tomato paste.

Tomato paste added

stir the mixture and cover. add some water if need be, the meat needs to cook for 30mins.

Grate the ginger and garlic and add into the mixture.

garlic and ginger



Add chopped onion leaves and pepper. Reduce the heat and cover till the water is dry.

Add some oil if you think its to dry.

Its now ready and now remove from heat.


Rice time

4 cups of rice



1 chillie beef cube

okra powder


Rince the rice in a bowl 4 times or until the rinsing water is clear.

1 cup of rice is 2 cups of water, so add 8 cups of water in a rice pan and bring to boil.

Add the rice into the boiling water and and stir. add 1/4 teaspoon of salt and stir. Cover the pan but keep checking on the rice and the water level.


Dried okra

Add water if you think the rice isn’t cooked well.

When the water level has reduced, add a table spoon of okra powder which is dried okra that has been grinded to make powder.

Adding okra powder


Break the chilli beef cubes into small pieces and add on the rice, cover and reduce the heat.

stir after every 5mins making for min and the rice is ready to be served.





Place the rice in a bowl and stir, making sure the chillie beef cubes and okra powder mixes well with the rice.


1 layer rice, 1 layer mince meat

In a serving bowl, add one layer of rice, then add a layer of  the mince mea

Then add another layer of rice and another layer of mince meat. repeat this continously or until the serving bowl is full. And you can place the remining rice and mince meat in another bowl.

Serve with chillie on top and enjoy.

Ready to eat.









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