Lakuku Cooking Courses Released

written by Lakuku Kitchens 27th August 2012

Kitchen Management Course: 1st to 12th October. Monday to Friday. 1pm to 5pm.  Next course in November – dates to be confirmed

Basic Cooking Course: 1st to 12th October. Monday to Friday. 1pm to 5pm.  Next course in November – dates to be confirmed

Vegetarian Course: 17th to 21st September. Monday to Friday. 8.30am to 12.30pm.

Soups & Salads Course: 24th to 28th September. Monday to Friday. 8.30am to 12.30pm.

Baking Course:  24th to 28th September. Monday to Friday. 1 to 5pm.

Advanced Cooking Course:  22nd October to 2nd November. Monday to Friday. 8.30am to 12.30pm.

Please indicate interest to be placed on the mailing list, if the above dates don’t suit.

All above course details are listed on www.lakuku.com – listed by course, indicating what is cooked on each course.

We are based off the Karen Roundabout, 30 Dagoretti Road at The Souk.  Map attached.

Cooking courses
The students work hands-on in supervised groups of two, making each dish, so that they get enough practice and confidence to repeat the recipes at home. The recipes are handed out for each session, kept in a waterproof book.   All participants receive a certificate upon completion.

Course Testimonials

Jefwa is so confident now. It’s brilliant. And every single one of his dishes is fantastically well cooked and tasty – and his full breakfasts perfectly timed. Well done. I can’t recommend you enough.” Claire Simpson – July 2012 (Kitchen Management Course and Basic Cooking)

“Annie thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience at Lakuku; In addition to the fundamental knowledge and skills she has gained, she is more confident and empowered in her role around the home.”  Ruth Wanjiru Mugu – April 2012 (Kitchen Management Course)

“The courses Peninah took sure have made a huge difference. Her time management has greatly improved and she is more organized in her work schedule. We really love her cooking skills; the food is absolutely delicious and she is more proactive in trying out new recipes besides what she learnt. We are all so delighted to see a more energetic Peninah. Her work overall has really improved, I don’t even need to employ a second helper anymore. Thank you so much Claire, she will definitely be back for more courses.” Joy – January 2012 (Kitchen Management and Basic Cooking)

“Judith had such a terrific time. did some difference in the kitchen. She is wearing a cover on her hair. And she is rotating the “stock”  First in last out…. Well done.”
Julia – May 2011 (Kitchen Management)

“Just to say thanks on behalf of Agnes. She thoroughly enjoyed the kitchen management course, and came away feeling empowered and confident. The principles that you taught seem to be very sound ones, and Agnes is taking great delight in applying all your teaching points.”Astra Andrews – March 2011 (Kitchen Management)

“I have been meaning to write ever since Joyce finished the kitchen management course to thank you. She was over the moon about it and I can see that she learned a lot and she has been using her skills as much as possible.”  
Victoria  Patel– January 2011 (kitchen Management)

“This was a real eye opener for Joel.  He took your teachings to heart and now, to name a few of the changes, proudly doesn’t cook with too much oil and becomes concerned if we don’t eat our 5 fruit and veg a day.  Our kitchen is now nicely labeled and I’ve photocopied the lists and images re: hygiene and they now are stuck up in our kitchen and in the staff quarters!   He understands his role much better now. Many many thanks to you!” Harriet Staines – November 2010 (Kitchen Management)

“I picked up a very proud, very confident young Lillian on Saturday morning and had the whole journey back to Nanyuki being told exactly what she did and what’s good and not good to do in the kitchen and so on and so forth!! Felt I’d done the course with her. She is so proud of herself and so grateful and I am just so thrilled that not only has she had a great time but that she has come back confident. We put her straight to the test and she did a fantastic Roast Chicken for Sunday for us and 4 friends!  I was so happy and very impressed!” Carol – November 2010

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