1,559 Drinks In Just 60 Minutes- Bartender Breaks Cocktail Guinness World Record

written by Yoga David 15th January 2014



Erik Mora a swift bartender at Spearmint Rhino Gentleman’s Club in Las Vegas has shattered the previous Guinness World Record of 1,003 drinks set by New York bartender Sheldon Wiley in 2011. He achieved this by making 1,559 drinks in just 60 minutes.

To get hold of the title, Mora was required to make drinks that contained a minimum of three ingredients, a must for one to be alcohol, without repeating a cocktail.

Supported by a throng of helpers who modestly provided Guinness World Record and mixers, Mora managed to pour one cocktail per every two seconds.

After breaking the Guinness World Record, Mora said: “I thought about breaking it two years ago and then applied this past January for the Guinness World Record, and now all my hard work has paid off. I feel like I’m the World’s Fastest Bartender.”

Pilip Robertson of Guinness World Records adjudicated the event, which was sponsored by Svedka Vodka.

Mora’s mark will be added to the drinks section of the Guinness World Records hall of fame, it will also include the awards for most expensive cocktail made, the most consecutive bottle bumps on a forearm, and the world’s largest ever Mojito.

Check out how Mora managed to break the record in the video below


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