Lets Play With Beer! – Top Beer Games !

written by Yagna Karia 13th September 2018

If you thought beer was only your chill poolside drink, then you got it wrong! Beer is your ultimate party starter. After all, all the greatest parties start with a Beer Keg! Today we highlight our favourite beer games!

Beer Pong

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We begin with the most popular game that takes you back to university life or if you’re in university then you know the deal! You simply need two teams on opposite sides of a table, layout solo cups in triangles and then get out some ping pong balls. The team that lands the ball in the opposite team’s cup must make sure they drink!

Flip Cup

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If you happen to forget the ping pong balls, the flip cup will still make for a fun game! Layout cups with beer in straight lines across each from other. Each team member then drinks from their cup and tries to flip it. The team that gets all the cups flipped first wins!

Drunk Jenga

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Well, of course, this is Jenga with a twist! All you need is your classic Jenga set, some markers and beer! On the blocks type out some rules of what the person must do once they pull out the block. Stack the blocks like you would in the normal Jenga with the rules either facing inside or outside. Keep picking and playing following the rules!

Buffalo Club

If you’re the kind that needs concentration to identify between your left and right orientation, then this game will certainly get the best of you! At the beginning of the party someone introduces the game such that if anyone holds their beer cup in their right hand, they will be called “Buffalo” which is an instruction to down your drink. For those keen watchers, be sure to get your friends when they least expect it!

Beer Roulette

HEADS UP: THIS GAME CAN GET MESSY SO PLAY IT OUTDOORS! With people seated in a circle, each one is handed a beer can. After which the cans are collected by a person and taken into secrecy, where he shakes up one can. Upon returning to the circle, he places the beers into an ice bucket, members of the circle each pick a can and open it in the order of the circle until the one that’s shaken bursts open. The players whose can bursts open is out of the game and it continues!

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