Let’s Talk Chilli and Chocolate

written by Tasnim Manji 22nd July 2019

Sweet Art Creations is a local chocolaterie incorporated in the year 2012. It is run by a trained chocolatier – Tasnim Manji & her team at a workshop in Parklands area, Nairobi. Sweet Art creations aims to produce premium quality chocolate truffles & bonbons, bars, spoons, dessert cups and even set up of chocolate fountains for events. Although based in Nairobi, we work with clients all over Kenya & East Africa and aim to offer them premium chocolate experiences.

At Sweet Art Creations we have experimented with the chilli chocolate bar and chilli shots. As different and opposite as these two ingredients are it is a match made in heaven and those who have tried it claim that the experience is intense, unique and definitely unforgettable.

Chilli chocolate lovers enjoy the sweetness and comfort of the chocolate knowing fully well the heat that will build up when the chilli hits your taste buds will lead to an explosion in your mouth!

Of course, there are those who refuse to touch this combination – alas! they don’t know what they are missing!

Our Creations:-

  1. Dark Chocolate & Chilli Bar:- This bar has a 55% cocoa mass percentage. It is a bittersweet chocolate infused with Akabanga chilli oil. The biggest challenge with chilli chocolate is to know how much chilli to put into your recipe. too little and the heat disappears even before you felt it; too much and you may need a fire extinguisher to put it out and of course personal variations and tolerances to chilli do matter here.
  2. Beri Peri Bar – was created with the above challenge in mind. Made using white chocolate and filled with cranberries and peri peri- this particular chocolate is a real tongue teaser allowing one to appreciate the heat of chilli with a balance of sweet and sour.
  3. Chilli Shots- this comprises a dark chocolate shell with a smooth chilli ganache filling. Small but full of flavour, these work very with wine pairings.
  4. Chilli Chocolate Achari:- inspired by local flavours, the achari (dried mango from the coastal region) is well appreciated and we opted for a twist by dipping it in chilli infused chocolate. The result is a very balanced yet thoroughly enjoyable bite.

Why chilli chocolate you might ask? well, chilli peppers contain capsaicin, a chemical helps release endorphins and stimulates the nerve endings. Chocolate, on the other hand, stimulates serotonin in the brain, which triggers off heightened sensitivity and a sense of euphoria. This combination has been known to relieve stress and body aches – well any excuse to eat chocolate works for me!

Use this cold season as a perfect excuse to indulge in one of these heated delights.

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