The Local Grill’s Lean and Mean Menu

written by Shiv Simani 4th June 2019

You must have heard about it now. If you haven’t then let me introduce you to The Local Grill. Located in the new wing of Village Market this restaurant has settled well into Nairobi’s growing epicurean scene, already highlighted as one of the best steak houses in Nairobi. The restaurant is set up with hardwood and a black coated industrial metal finishing that gives it a chic modern vibe. It may look simple but thought and effort were involved in making everything look so good. That’s the perfect way to describe their Lean & Mean menu as well. The restaurant has two levels offering intimate seating as well as larger options for groups.  

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The bar on the upper level is definitely where you would find me, nursing a whiskey on the rocks and patiently waiting for my meal but I had come on a mission. I was there to try the new Lean & Mean menu, developed in partnership with Sculpt Fitness, for individuals looking for healthy, delicious options while on the go.

The concept of the menu already had me excited because health-conscious meals for individuals who work out and are conscious of what they consume are just what we need around town.

One of the first things I noticed was the variety of meals on the menu. They range from omnivorous to vegetarian and each meal has a calorie and macronutrient breakdown which is so awesome because portion control is what gets you reaching your fitness goals efficiently. If you don’t want a set meal then you have the option of mixing your preferred carbohydrate, protein and vegetable. As tempting as this sounded, I ended up choosing a low carb, high-fat option meal from the set menu which was the grilled salmon served with hollandaise sauce and local salad. Now the restaurant has the word ‘grill’ in it so I knew that their meat-based meals are probably good but I was not ready for how good their fish would taste. The salmon was flaky, moist, flavourful and well cooked. It paired wonderfully with the sweet and acidic citrus notes in the sauce that covered the local salad, which was my side option. My dining partner picked the Lean Machine which is an extra lean beef burger with a gluten-free bun and a side of sweet potato mash. The patty was cooked to a delicious juicy medium rare. However, the sweet potato mash was definitely the most memorable thing on the plate.

I can’t forget to mention the drinks which are a part of this well-curated menu. I had the elderflower pomegranate grapefruit fizz which was simply sublime! The fact that it was calorie and macronutrient tracked, super refreshing, naturally sweet and low carb made it even better.

Overall, I give this healthy lunch menu a 4.5 rating out of 5. It is an amazing food experience and the service is great. I highly recommend trying it out. The Local Grill definitely stands out as one of the restaurants that is actively trying to get people to start eating healthy and as someone who makes meal plans and trains for a living, this is a godsend! 

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