Celebrate South Africa’s Heritage Day at The Local Grill

written by Yummy Team 12th September 2019

South Africa’s Heritage Day started as a commemoration of the death of legendary warrior and Zulu Monarch King Shaka Zulu (Shaka Senzangakhona). The day has now been extended to include the celebration of the diverse cultures made South Africa’s democratic ‘Rainbow Nation’ a reality, as we thank all those who struggled for our independence. With Archbishop Desmond Tutu leading the celebrations as our ‘Braai Day Patron Saint’, South Africans of all cultural heritage, anywhere in the world light up their braais and turn some meat with family and friends.

The event which is happening on the 24th of September is an all-day event, fit for the whole family. Guests will be able to order traditional South African Braai fare and enjoy their day in a relaxed setting. Various wine suppliers will be providing tastings as well as sharing their notes on their very best South African selections. 

The South African braai is definitely a community event, with family and friends spending time with each other around the braai. The structure varies from one area to the other as well as the cuisine, but it involved experimenting with local products and the grill and as we chat, tasty treats slowly come off the braai for nibbling. Guests will be offered a range of braai favourites cooked up by Chef Bulelani Dabula. 

The experience is priced at Ksh 5000 for adults and Ksh 2000 for children. Guests can arrive anytime in the day as we will be cooking from noon until 10 pm. 

Some items on the menu:

  • KWV Brandy aged rib eye
  • Beer can chicken
  • Skilpaaidjes
  • Poitjie contest
  • Bobotie Cigars
  • Chakalaka
  • Biltong
  • Boerewors

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