Looking for a healthy alternative this year? Try Secret Garden!

written by Jeannette Musembi 7th January 2013

Taking up the first week of January most of us are consumed by the harsh unforgiving reality of the rising numbers on the weight scale. We have made merry all throughout the Christmas season, enjoying the food and drink and celebrating with friends and family. As we get ready to get back to the grind and return to work, we can feel and see the after effects of our December binging. It’s time for a health kick! And to get back to the swing of things what better way to do than to indulge in the most healthy friendly snacks and food. There is one place in town that will ease your passage into that fitness regime.

Just a few minutes drive from town, Secret Garden on 14 Riverside Drive is easily accessible and surprisingly convenient to locate.  Upon arrival I was impressed to see that the lawn was green and lush; making the place look tranquil. A waiter was already at hand to warmly welcome us as we took in the surroundings. Regarding the ambiance, the only term that could describe it was ‘serene’ and even the soft music playing in the background could not take that away. It’s a quiet and calm place, where lazing around as you take in the fresh air is the ultimate way to spoil yourself.

With regards to the food, freshly squeezed vegetable or fruit juice is what will  ‘suitably’ open your palate. A combination of different flavours on the menu, having one will definitely leave you feeling refreshed. The secret I might say is Secret Garden’s ability to maintain the freshness of their food. Weight watchers, vegetarians or simply healthy foodies will feel at home with their wide selections of healthy and hearty soups, pastries, waffles, pancakes, desserts, sandwiches and a tasty selection of salads.  The head Chef Francis was eager to give us a sampling of his favourite dishes so we could spread the word and hopefully get more people to enjoy his delicious meals.


To begin with, we tried the breakfast selection, which was made up of a mixture of several dishes. My favourite was the vanilla waffle with mango topping and a side of whipped cream, an absolutely wonderful mesh of crispy, sweet and creamy at the same time. If not careful one could get easily addicted to this. For the lunch selection, we chose the red snapper with a side of tartar sauce and mashed potatoes.

The snapper, pan-seared to perfection, sat perfectly on the plate, a nicely browned colour indicating that the Chef had given it his all. The mash was absolutely delightful, not overly buttered nor salty. We finished off with a choma platter, made up of a selection of grilled meats like beef sausages and chicken. I found that adding a mushikaki of grilled gizzards brought a bit of an unusual and nice twist to the dish.

After such a hearty meal, we simply had no room for dessert but what I can ascertain is that they looked good enough to tempt my brain to try some. Fortunately sound judgment intervened and I promised I would be back for more. But the array, like the chocolate mousse, blueberry cheesecake and Eskimo pie are definitely a must try if you want to finish off the Secret Garden experience on a high note. On average be ready to spend an average of about 2,000Kshs, quite a fair price compared to the quality service and good food you will get in return.

For online bookings please log onto www.eatout.co.ke/SecretGarden

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