Love Whisky Double Party Friday

written by Andrew Onyango 13th November 2014

If you loved the EABL Love Whisky masquerade party take-over at Mojo’s  then guess what, this Friday the 14th of November, 2014, you get two parties.

That’s right! Love Whisky will be happening at Black Diamond‘s J&B masquerade party and in Westlands and at Club Rumorz‘s Johnnie Walker Red party in the CBD.

Where The Party At?


DJ Hypnotic

At Black Diamond, DJ Hypnotiq will be on the decks as you enjoy your smooth J&B cocktails. If you are familiar with Hypnotiq then you know the music for the night has been set! But just in case you need a little sample, here you go.

DJ Riggz

At Club Rumorz in the CBD, DJ Rigz will be holding it down “mpaka che” with amazing grooves.

Rumorz of Red and Tangawizi 


Johnnie Walker Red will be the drink of choice at Club Rumorz and you need to taste the amazing things this fine whisky does when mixed with a chilled ginger drink. Order a double and some tangawizi, you can thank me later.

Real Men Drink Cocktails 


You need to try J&B’s signature cocktail for the night called the Blood and Sand. This drink is the stuff of legend dubbed “the classic 1920’s cocktail for real men”. I know what you are thinking, men don’t drink cocktails. But this is whisky on the rocks, mixed with cherry brandy, sweet vermouth, ice cubes and the rare J&B. And as “girlie” as it sounds, the orange garnish really brings out the sweetness causing an explosive delivery in the mouth you will remember. Get ready to earn a signature drink gents.

Remember, you can buy your favorite Love Whisky bottles from the Love Whisky Shop online and get special rates on J&B, Johnnie Walker, Cardhu, Talisker and many more.


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