Lucky diners win with Cadbury Dairy Milk

written by Winnie Wangui 8th April 2015

Remember when we informed you that Cadbury Dairy Milk would be giving out chocolate bundles this April? If you thought we were kidding, or that we were pulling a fools day prank seeing as we posted this on 1st April, you were wrong! This past weekend, lucky diners got to win free chocolate bundles from Cadbury after enjoying their sumptuous dinner at five restaurants across the city. Here are a few images of the happy winners. Get booking for your chance to win a free chocolate bundle!

About Thyme

AboutThyme Cadbury Winners

Tokyo Restaurant

Tokyo winners

Mediterraneo Junction


Mediterraneo Gigiri


Lucca at Villa Rosa Kempsinki

Lucca- winners

These lovely smiles on their faces were courtesy of Cadbury Dairy Milk, simply because they made their reservation through EatOut online or by calling 0711 222 222. How can you get free chocolate as well? Simple. Make your bookings for the next two weekends this April via EatOut at either About Thyme, Mediterraneo Gigiri, TokyoMediterraneo Junction or Lucca at Villa Rosa Kempsinki.



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