Have a Healthy Breakfast with These 3 Taco Recipes

written by Yummy Team 14th August 2019

The Mexicans really did us a favour by coming up with tacos. You can have these snacks any time of the day so how about some breakfast tacos? Our recipes are quite easy and with a bit of luck, what you’ll churn out will be Instagrammable… #HealthyBreakfast dear followers.

Keto Taco

Photography by Unsplash

This definitely had to be in the list of breakfast tacos. Keto diets are healthy as they help with the metabolism and boost weight maintenance. This is the kind of breakfast you want to have for that feel-good vibe for your day. If you eat good, you’ll feel good and if you feel good you’ll do great. Okay, we totally came up with that quote (it still works).

Get the recipe: keto taco

Simple Vegetarian Taco

Photography by Pexels

You can never go with vegetarian dishes which means having one in the morning is a pretty smart idea. This recipe encourages you to add a few more vegetables if you prefer a lot more. This simple taco recipe is nutrient-packed and it also won’t take a lot of your time.

Get the recipe: vegetarian taco

Baked Avocado Taco

Photography by Unsplash

Were you expecting this to make an appearance in the breakfast tacos list? If you were, lucky for you because we’ve got the recipe right here. Anything baked tastes great (did somebody say cakes?) and this is a healthy way of enjoying your breakfast. Love spices? Play around with a few with this recipe.

Get the recipe: baked avocado taco

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