‘Make Your Own Sushi’ At Tamarind Mombasa

written by Yoga David 10th April 2014

Sushi is one of the most famous Japanese dishes within and outside of Japan, and is usually enjoyed on special occasions, such as a celebration.

According to Edo period in Japan, “sushi” is referred to as a pickled fish, which is usually preserved in vinegar.

These days sushi can be roughly defined as a typical dish containing rice which has been prepared with sushi vinegar. There are also like over 100 different types of sushi.

Here in Kenya, sushi may still be more of a fairly foreign concept.  Most Kenyans are untrained in matters Sushi, sighting that they prefer their fish cooked  rather than presented ‘raw’ , yet we can still boast of different Japanese restaurants that do offer sushi. Have you tried one yet? You might be missing out on experiencing something new!

To bridge the gap on this, Tamarind Mombasa is offering you  a chance to learn and appreciate the intricacies of Sushi making without the pressure a ‘fast-paced’ Japanese restaurant might offer you on the first date. Dubbed ‘Make Your Own Sushi Sunday’ it is a relaxed and fun way to embrace something new.

The event is set to start this Sunday on 13th April from 1pm-5pm at Clifford Terrace Tamarind Mombasa. This is an opportunity you won’t like to miss as you prepare and then devour the best of sushi delicacies.

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