Managing a Holiday Hangover

written by Lucy Munene 5th January 2019

You made all the cocktails, soaked up all the out of town sun you could and danced your way into the new year. Now you’re sitting at the office with all your windows open because the heat is unbearable and your feet hurt. All you can think of is those slow December days as you try not to fidget in your chair. This is the dreaded holiday hangover that hits us all in January. Getting back to your daily routine shouldn’t feel like a chore. Here are our fun tips on how to transition from your holidays to your 9-to-5 seamlessly.


Netflix and binge?

Going back to work doesn’t mean you have to abandon your favourite shows. Treat yourself to 20 mins of binge-worthy shows as you have your breakfast. It’s all part of self care, right?


Don’t let go of Christmas

You know those people who keep their decorations up until February? Be that person. Keep your tree up and decorate it differently. Make it quirky with fake money or pictures from your vacation.


Treat yourself

The beginning of January means the beginning of physical resolutions. Drink more water and eat healthier meals. That doesn’t mean you don’t deserve pastries from your favourite bakery or a meal from your favourite restaurant. Go ahead and bake yourself something from our recipe calendar or order a meal from UberEats using our code: YUMMY254.


No really, treat yourself

If you’re trying to stay fit, you’re bound to be a sore and achy mess. Why not book a spa treatment for the end of the month so that you have something to look forward to?


Stay positive

It can be hard to stay positive when you’re surrounded by bills and work. Try a meditation app or a gratitude app. If you want to be extra creative, maybe grab a couple of friends for beer yoga? Whatever you decide to do, make sure you have fun with it.

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