Meat On A Stick

written by EatOut 28th May 2018

It’s one of the oldest forms of cooking known to humanity: however civilised or sophisticated we may become, we are always fascinated by the primal appeal of a piece of skewered meat rotating over an open fire. Images of our ancestors as they discovered the joys of sweet yet savoury cooked meat spring to mind and it is precisely this appeal that keeps people from all over the world revisiting over and over again this age old tradition. Here in cosmopolitan Nairobi, whether it be a mshikaki, gyros or shawerma you are after, options are increasing and there is no better time than the present to try them out!


After being visited by the world famous Celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain earlier this year, Roadhouse Grill’s star definitely began glowing stronger and harder than ever before. The fact that this joint’s parking lot is often so full that people have to park by the roadside, is proof that their grills and bountiful mshikaki skewers really are worth the trip.


Gyros from the Greek islands are similar to the shawarmas commonly made in Turkey but are markedly different in taste and presentation. At Gyros-2-Go, servings are big in size and ooze with savoury homemade sauces and delightful pickles. Located in Valley Arcade Gyros-2-Go serve grass-fed beef and their lamb and chicken are marinated overnight.


Greek food stands out for the way it elevates simple ingredients to deliciously delicate dishes. Which is what makes the Santorini Greek Deli at Village Market such a refreshing addition to this gourmet Nairobi food court. Brought to you by the founders of Sugar and Spice at Yaya center, expect beef and chicken gyros, salads, dips and of course baklava.


For as long as anyone can remember the team at Hashmi’s kitchen have been cranking out some of the best Indian-style mshikaki and kebabs in the entire city. The restaurant is so popular that at lunch time they firmly close their doors at 2pm on the dot and no amount of pleading can convince them to stick a naan and chicken on a stick in the tandoori for you.


With their relaxed ambiance and extensive children’s play area, this Lebanese eatery is the perfect place for a long leisurely lunch indulging in their marinated chicken taouk (Middle Eastern mshikaki), succulent lamb koftas and sumptuous mezze
plates. During lunch hour if you are short on time and in the Lenana road area, they also serve up a mean shawarma roll that can be eaten on the go.


When it comes to meat on a stick, the Turks definitely do not lack for choice. Whether doner kebabs, minced koftas, Iskender kebabs drenched in tomato sauce, or a filling shawarma with all the sauces, the Turkish dishes at Bobo’s Bistro on Banda Street in Nairobi’s CBD are plentiful and there is an outside seating area in which to enjoy them.


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